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Established in 1884, the brand Bulgari boasts of rich heritage while representing the Italian style and trends in jewellery and other luxury goods. Sotirio Bulgari, the founder of the brand, opened the first jewellery and luxury goods shop in 1905 in the ancient city of Rome. The shop is still in located in Via Condotti, close to the celebrated Spanish Steps square. The brand became the spotting point for the international elite of aristocracy, culture and the cinema of the Dolce Vita and Hollywood in the quick span of time. The visually-appealing jewel pieces created by the brand features rare and precious stones that creates timeless pieces, watches, and accessories like eyewear. Maintaining the traditional brand style, encrusted with gems and crystals finely nestled against rich and opulent palettes, Bulgari is all about crowning glory when it comes to eyewear. The plush and designer Bulgari eyewear is distinguished by the high quality materials, attention to detail coupled with elegant design. In fact, the product line is dedicated to a clientele who seeks a distinctive and exclusive piece.

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