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Oakley is a well known brand that was started by Jim Jannard in 1975. The brand specifically designs a range of sunglasses dedicated to extreme sporting events. The sunglasses feature wrap-around styles engineered with fine-technological advancement to create lightweight pair of sunglasses offering the protection of UVA, UVB. The first Oakley sunglasses namely Factory Pilot Eyeshades, were sport-oriented and primarily resembled a pair of goggles; these were followed by the casual sunglass style -Oakley Frogskin. The Oakley eyewear frames are often made of sturdy Titanium material and boasts of quality and strength. With the rubber pads on the temple ends for comfort as well the pad for the nose, the unique size of these classic sunglasses comes in a wide range of colours including black, pewter, bronze, dark carbon, platinum, and silver. The sunglasses designed by the brand are ideal for different styles of sports like cycling, water-sports, golfing among others. Oakley is an official part of the United States Olympic Committee. In view of this, the brand will provide official eyewear to the team for the 2012 Olympic Games to be held later in London and beyond. This reiterates the class that the brand exudes among masses as well as classes.

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