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RAY BAN JUNIOR / Sunglasses

When it comes to sunglasses, no other brand is as iconic and far-reaching as Ray Ban. With its genesis rooted in technology, the brand is high on innovation, always evolving, ensuring its patrons get the best in contemporary eyewear. This applies to teenagers and children too who deserve protection from the sun and rock it like a celebrity!

With their ability to reduce eye strain, Ray Bans Junior sunglasses have always been about blending pioneering designs with premium materials to create true classics. Using the best in contemporary manufacturing methods, Ray Ban has positioned itself as the leading luxury sunglasses brand. Ray Ban Junior underlines the manner in which the luxury sunglasses brand ensures it caters to every demand.

Ray Ban emerged from a purely technical demand—pilots were hampered by the brightness and glare that high altitude flying invariably brings. Bausch & Lamb took up the challenge of pioneering a solution that was primarily a performance-oriented eyewear. This is how Ray Bans came into being and since then, the brand has taken huge strides to make itself the first, mainstream choice for anyone who seeks designer sunglasses.

While people believe that children use Ray Bans Junior purely because of the luxury brand tagging, there is more to the story. For starters, Ray Ban sunglasses provide industry-best level of glare elimination. This type of performance is not found in some of the higher priced premium, luxury eyewear brands! Ray Ban Junior employs the same structural toughness we associate with matured Ray Ban users who demand the best in lifestyle luxury options.

The Ray Ban Junior series is as dynamic as other luxury optical solution providers but with a difference—it offers the same degree of perfection to its younger users. The niche of premium sunglasses often falls short to meet the demand of children where frames need to be more playful and versatile. Ray Ban has ensured that these frames are lightweight and come with more structural resistance. Some of these are perfectly mimicked versions of Ray Ban specials. Others have some degree of ingenuity that makes it perfect for the playful crowd at beaches. UVA and UVB protected lenses mean that children can step out safely in the bright sun. Expect typical Ray Ban dynamics like teardrop shape lenses and the unmistakable logo along with brow bars. Many of these frames use nylon fiber—very lightweight and robust.

Explore this category for the perfect fitting Ray Ban for your child. Ray Ban Juniors come with the same degree of performance associated with Ray Bans for mature buyers...

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