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    Throughout the EU, warranties are covered by Directive 1999/44/EC. According to this Directive, the seller shall be liable to the consumer for any defects that exist at the time the goods were delivered following a sale. In other words, the seller is liable for manufacturing defects and lack of conformity with the sale terms (for example, if the seller sends you a product with different specifications than those advertised or agreed upon).

    The defects and the lack of conformity must become apparent within two years of the delivery date. This is called the statutory warranty period. It extends over two years because sometimes defects (or lack of conformity) are only obvious after a period of normal use.

    Within these two years, consumers can request the seller to acknowledge the defects and/or the lack of conformity. As a consequence, the seller will have to repair, replace or refund the price of the product in question, following the process below:
    • The seller must be notified of defects within two months of their discovery.
    • With some exceptions, defects that become apparent within six months of delivery are presumed to have existed at the moment of delivery (i.e. they were manufacturing defects). If the seller disagrees, it must prove through technical diagnosis that they were not manufacturing defects.
    • After six months from delivery, defects that become apparent are no longer presumed to be manufacturing defects and thus the consumer has to prove they are.

    Your rights if you received a defective product

    1. What is a defective product?
      As mentioned above, manufacturing defects or lack of conformity with the sale terms must exist at the time of delivery to the first user. The law gives you the right to hold us liable for these things if they become apparent within the statutory period of two years.
    2. What should you do with a defective product?
      As soon as you notice a defect with your product, please notify us immediately. If you continue to use it, you run the risk that additional damage and wear signs will occur and it will become difficult or impossible to verify the cause of the initial defect (manufacturing defect or improper handling). The law also acknowledges this and gives you a maximum period of two months for notifying us after you discovered the defect.

      Once we receive the product back, we will inspect it and diagnose the cause of the defect. If the inspection shows that your product indeed had a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace it free of charge (including shipping costs). If neither of these options are possible, we will refund your money. Normal wear and tear, improper use, or incorrect maintenance of the product (like the use of aggressive cleaning fluids/solvents/soaps, incorrect storing, ecc.) are not covered by the warranty.
      If you wish to know the best practices for keeping eyewear in the best shape, please ask our Help Desk.
    3. Manufacturing (or factory defects) versus damage caused by improper handling
      We do not cover damage or problems due to accidents, unusual or improper usage of your eyewear. Below are some examples of the types of damage that are not covered, but please keep in mind this is not a comprehensive list.

      • Damage caused by external factors such as mechanical stress (a fall, rough handling, pressure, excessive heat)
      • Damage caused by repairs made by you or an unauthorized repair shop
      • Damage caused by lack of attention in storing the product (like scratches on the lenses and on the frame surface)
      • Damage caused by the use of aggressive cleaning fluids or any other chemical that could alter the finishing
      • Damage caused by sea water (or salted water in general)
    4. How to send us your defective eyewear
      Please contact us through the Help Desk page and we'll guide you through the process. Please do not return any product without informing us first.

    What happens if you damaged your eyewear?

    If the damage is your responsibility (as shown by our technical diagnosis or as confirmed by you), and the damage can be repaired, we will be happy to offer you our repair services but rates and fees will apply.

    In these cases, it is very useful to provide some pictures (show with the mobile phone are OK) of the problem in the detail to initially assess the problem.