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RAY BAN / Kids' Eyewear

Ray Ban is the preferred choice of folks who want their sunglasses with a dash of oomph, performance that comes without compromises and structural integrity that make eyewear a practical choice for harsh outdoor conditions also. For the fashionable fraternity there is no alternative to a pair of Ray Bans. Some folks are fanatic about it, some are collectors and some habitual users but all of them have one thing in common—no doubts regarding the superiority of Ray Ban sunglasses.

Bausch & Lomb created Ray-Ban in 1930s for aerospace pilots who were facing problems, like nausea and headaches, due to intensity of white and blue hues when flying high. The hard hitting sun rays at greater heights were a matter of concern for the aerospace industry. Bosch & Lomb came up with anti-glare Ray Ban sunglasses that offered 100% UV protection. This opened the doors to the commercialization of the brand and since then, Ray Ban has ensured its iconic aviators, or other, instant hits are never short on inspiration or technological advancement.

If something has worked so well, for so long, and continues to engage sales, why change it? This is what some industry experts might believe but not the creative team at Ray Ban. The collection is being continuously curated with lightweight, durable frames in more creative ways. Perhaps, this is why Ray Ban is regarded as a culturally progressive brand. Outright fashionable, high on glamor, it continues to engage the attention of rock stars and celebrities.

The design philosophy at Ray Ban is progressive. It is never shy of innovating. However, the consistency in quality is a pattern that has never been breached. Ray Ban is considered technologically advanced and yet it produces Aviators and Wayfarers with an artisan-like approach. The options on offer have been rising, some sleek, some retro, each with a wide range of premium constructional materials, including premium sunglasses made from carbon fibre.

Ray Ban might not have the type of exclusivity that some niche brands have in this segment, due to its widespread supply chain. However, this does not rob the brand of its premium features. It is a market leader when it comes to high-performing lenses. This is cutting-edge eyewear technology at its best. Most folks might not realize this but Ray Ban has systematically groomed its lenses since 1937, ensuring there is a properly fitting option for every buyer, every face. At this moment, Ray Ban has categorized all of its 12 lenses across 4 categories—Classic, Gradient, Mirror and Polarized.

You also get the option of buying a Ray Ban from a range of lenses in different colors. The more sophisticated blacks and browns have a professional, scholarly touch to them while bright blues, oranges and greens add a dash of refreshing style.

From unisexual to feminine and masculine frames, you will always find a Ray Ban that suits your preferences. Take a few minutes to explore our collection of the most trending and famous Ray Bans...

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