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ALEXANDER MCQUEEN / Men's Sunglasses

If you believe opticals cannot be a lifestyle accessory and sunglasses don't define your persona, you probably haven’t tried Alexander McQueen—the foremost name when it comes to fine living choices! There is nothing too subtle about Alexander McQueen. Expect glamorous, attention-grabbing and sometimes savage fashion statements from the iconic brand. The British luxury fashion house continues with its rock and roll approach to style. Intentionally unconventional, never playing by the rules comes naturally to Alexander McQueen—the preferred choice for folks who understand the finer nuances of luxury wear.

From sharp and rebellious to gothic and vintage influences, the design approach at Alexander McQueen is hard to define. Don't expect the usual range of eyewear in this category. Alexander McQueen frames are essentially an assortment, complete with many styles that most probably won’t be repeated, not because they are not popular, but due to the brand’s emphasis on always being high on substance, not repeating itself. Every season, Alexander McQueen engages fashion and lifestyle headlines with its handpicked collection that is truly progressive.

Each Alexander McQueen creation sets the benchmark for other creators, fashion designers who look up to the luxury eyewear range that can be futuristic at time or amaze you with sporty designs and retro influences. Alexander McQueen offers a myriad of choices to the fashion conscious crowd. Internationally acclaimed for its collaborations to redefine lifestyle standards, including jewelry, perfumes, footwear and of course, clothing, Alexander McQueen is a boutique brand. Just like its bespoke jewelry designs, expect lots of never-seen-before frames in this collection.

Some might seem curated for the catwalk while others come close to being mainstream but with a touch of something unique—an element that separates a premium product from the crowd. Alexander McQueen is deep-rooted into using technology for creating exquisite lifestyle solutions. Sometimes controversial, the brand has a trademark undertone of uncanny across its portfolio. Some folks might call Alexander McQueen eccentric while for the progressively fashionable crowd, it is the only choice with no parallels.

Alexander McQueen does designer eyewear very differently with intrepid and edgy designs and everything in between. From cat eye to round frames, pilot sunglasses and squared frames, the silhouettes change every season as Alexander McQueen continues to curate its range. Our team of procurement specialists are on the hunt to decode bestsellers for the season and Alexander McQueen creations that should make an impact.

Most fashion editors resonate with what buyers expect from Alexander McQueen—outrageous but refined lifestyle designs. Always expect a certain amount of exclusivity in every product listed here. The selection is ideally suited for folks who appreciate and are willing to invest in avant-garde creations.

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