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CELINE / Men's Sunglasses

Celine is considered as the topmost, decadently fashionable French lifestyle brand that now has a global following. From its humble origins as a shoe and accessories maker for children and women during 1945, this French luxury lifestyle brand has transformed itself into a global favorite. You get the entire array of delectable luxury goods, including handbags, footwear and sunglasses.

The assortment of opticals and frames at Celine underlines its overall approach—very contemporary, creating tastefully designed classics for women who insist on buying only premium, high-end brands. Celine eyewear is definitely elite. Expect a blend of subtle, fashionable and classically restrained frames for the modern women. Global appeal of Celine is proven by the fact that it is creating patrons across different continents. You will find Celine’s stores in the most premium destinations such as Geneva and Monte Carlo. Japan for instance, happens to be a trending consumer demographic for its range of sportswear, workwear and optical solutions.

Choose Celine if you are looking for upscale, boutique creations.The brand has garnered appreciation for not falling into the trap of delivering volumes. The inventory is limited, optimized repeatedly across the year to ensure discerning buyers get the best, creations that are hard to find anywhere else. The design approach is a celebration of timeless elegance and innovation. Yes, the eyewear collection features some surprising color palettes but the silhouettes have been tuned for women who understand the nuances of creative luxury brands.

Despite Celine’s mainstream revenue creators being designer shoes and bags, the eyewear collection is now engaging serious attention. The brand continues to innovate, blending technologically updated artisanal methods without eliminating the unique aura that handcraftsmanship can deliver. Pick any Celine creation with the assurance that it is in harmony with latest and unique fashion trends. Choose sunglasses to upgrade your wardrobe with a wide array of upmarket accessories including frames that add to your appearance. Discover a new approach to shopping for premium eyewear.

Expect some vintage influences too. The perfect accessory for luxurious wardrobe ensembles, Celine has been uniquely consistent in delivering exclusive fashion solutions every season, grabbing headlines and engaging compliments from fashion critiques. From acetate to metallic accents, the Celine eyewear range is the perfect cure when you want to re-accessorize with an emphasis on elegance. Explore a world of sunglasses that compete with the best from what French fashion houses deliver.

We strive to add the latest and the best from the Celine range of shades, ensuring you have a wider palette to choose from, and you find the perfect accessory for a summer dress or winter coat.

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