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D SQUARED / Men's Sunglasses

Designer eyewear makes a bigger impression when it has multiple influences channelled into an exceptional design. This is perhaps why D Squared is emerging as the preferred choice in the niche of comfortable, contemporary lifestyle products. D Squared is the result of two enterprising brothers, both equipped with formal training in Designing, based in Toronto. Today, the Canadian duo is collaborating with emerging musicians and popular Italian fashion houses to create exceptional apparel, accessories and eyewear.

The collection is sharply cosmopolitan, combining elements from New York and Italy. What started originally as a specialist menswear brand has now expanded its portfolio, catering to fashion-conscious women too, including internationally popular celebrities. Today, D Squared is positioned as a future-ready fashion house, always on lookout for eclectic inspirations. The result is a unique inventory that should be appreciated by those who appreciate organic, liberating fashion. This is reflected in a wide range of stylish frames too. D Squared has been able to garner global appreciation as it continues to deliver an edgy mix of eyewear designs exuding finesse associated with Italian tailoring, often mixed with a bit of playfulness.

As seasons change, D Squared continues to expand its inventory of designer frames, most of which make it to international ramps and global couture weeks. Always evolving, the brand continues to experiment and the results are usually brilliant. This is primarily due its ability to seamlessly meld contrasting, seemingly unharmonious elements. Expect extravagant, laidback, sporty and glitzy dynamics being beautifully weaved together. Often described as outright “sexy”, the brand’s eyewear collection resonates this unique approach. D Squared is going more mainstream now, gaining patrons beyond the US, Canada, UK and Italy.

Evolving into a truly global brand, it stands apart with its ability to unleash youthful, refreshing collections every season. This exceptional, sometimes quirky approach to design is also reflected in D Squared range of bags, accessories, footwear, and perfumes. Choose from a wide array of oversized and cat eye frames apart from aviators and sunglasses. The D Squared selection on display should appeal to you if you value the pursuit of premium materials and value uncompromised quality.

You get the assurance of finding the latest and the best, handpicked range of D Squared eyewear, listed systematically for a comfortable online shopping experience.

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