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DIOR HOMME / Men's Sunglasses

We are living in an era where menswear has emerged as a specialist niche, where everything from fragrances to toiletries, shoes and accessories like eyewear are considered bare essentials. Apply this to the niche of luxury men’s lifestyle goods and you will find an overwhelming support for Dior Homme—a boutique approach to menswear collection from the house of Christian Dior. The parent company is a globally popular French clothing retailer. It has carved a niche for itself among the most respected luxury brands. From leather goods to cosmetics and skincare products to sunglasses, Dior Homme provides a comprehensive collection for the contemporary man.

Sometimes audacious, borderline revolutionary but never short on artistic inspirations, this is perhaps the best way to describe Dior Homme. Its range of lifestyle products reflect urbane styling, a subdued sexual appeal and charming contours that men demand at the workplace or when lounging. In some ways, Dior Homme is revolutionary but it provides one distinguished advantage—when draped in the brand’s apparel or wearing its accessories, you become easily distinguishable.

The famous logo used by Dior Homme is a bee. Blending modernity, elegance and technical progress, Dior Homme continues to create products exclusive to this French fashion house. The brand should appeal to men who want to dress sharp and make an impression every time they step out of their house. There is little subtleness about Dior Homme—just like an independent man, it is very expressive, unafraid to experiment.

The masculinity is clearly visible in Dior Homme sunglasses—a true example of the brand’s ability to infuse classical impression in modern, sleek designs. Boosted by technical prowess, the optical collection is the perfect pick whether you want to use eyewear as a workplace essential or for fashion’s sake. Expect some sleek, slim frames that are finding a lot of traction among men looking for cool, uninhibited lifestyle options. From modern aviators to classic designs, it brings together many shapes to suit every face and cater to every individual’s sense of fashion.

Colored lenses with retro inspirations and use of high-grade aluminium to keep the frames strong yet lightweight define the Dior Homme range of sunglasses. Aviators happen to be among the most popular members of this collection. Expect metallic finishing in different formats, including matt silver aluminium mated with sober black temples. Just like its range of apparels, some sunglasses exude minimalism and elegance. This eyewear is often flaunted by celebrities at red carpet events. Expect eyeglasses made with premium materials like black acetate and 100% UV protection.

Pursuing a typically elite, French approach to designing, Dior Homme sunglasses include blue mirrored lenses, ultra-thin gun metal frames with typically masculine silhouettes.

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