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DIOR / Men's Sunglasses

Dior is synonymous with glamour, nothing describes it better than sophistication and innovativeness blended and brewed to perfection. A super luxury brand, it is counted among the best in the business. Even today, when a celebrity makes a public appearance sporting a Dior wardrobe essential or accessory, the moment is captured and published for the world to see. This in an era where luxury brands are constantly trying to outdo each other while Dior sits quietly, creating masterpieces that don't bother about blatant promotion.

Christian Dior, founder of the brand, has always emphasized on the need to reimagine fashion. The creative genius worked hard towards ensuring that every part of the labelís inventory exuded something exclusive. Today, it has redefined fashion. It refuses to follow the norm. Colors or styles labeled as trendsetters for the season by fashion critiques don't bother the creative team at Dior. The emphasis remains on creations that break through the clutter of similar looking designs. You get the assurance of finding elegant, quirky and iconoclastic designs simultaneously.

Initially, based out of 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris, Dior shares the podium with some of the most celebrated fashion houses with its boutique stores at handpicked locations. Currently, the brand emphasizes on ready-to-wear apparel, fashion accessories, leather goods, skin care products, jewelry, perfume, makeup, and eyewear. The brand has created a space for itself in the league of high-end fashion brands that influence fashion trends of the season through unconventional and boutique designs. The brand preaches and flourishes in creativity. Every season, fashion followers across the world keenly await what Dior has to offer. From limited edition to seasonal, theme-based luxury offerings, Dior continues to unveil and impress everyone with its designer collections.

Creatively designed eyewear collection by Dior truly reflects urbane fashion. This is reflected in its range of premium eyeglasses that are fashionable, functional and fulfill every criteria associated with luxury lifestyle offerings. Dior eyeglasses democratize sunglasses, ensuring your options are not restricted in any way. The range of lenses and frames will surpass your expectations. From geometric shapes to colored lenses and dedicatedly designing the temple for a comfortable fit, this eyewear collection should complement your individual style. Inspired from vintage and contemporary lifestyles, boasting of a solid chassis, these frames are interpreted largely as a fashion accessory. However, they deliver equally well as high-performance opticals.

Please take a minute to browse through this collection of Dior eyewear. We strive to bring you the latest and the best from this luxury brand...

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