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GUCCI / Men's Sunglasses

Italian fashion houses tend to do something very different, designing with the fluidity that the latest digital innovations cannot mimic. When you want to buy a fashion accessory from an Italian fashion house that symbolizes this fact, don't look beyond Gucci—the perfect example of lifestyle luxury brand that is addictive. For first-time shoppers, Gucci is a revelation about the purity in materials and the wide range of unconventional designs on offer. For the devout followers, the brand continues to innovate, ensuring there is always something special on offer. Gucci continues to occupy the top slot as an Italian fashion house, a place where legacy meets modern-day innovativeness to create brilliance.

Based in Florence, Italy, founder Guccio Gucci started his artistic journey in 1921 creating modestly priced by innovatively designed leather goods. With a growing pool of loyalists who vouched for the quality found in every creation of his, the offerings multiplied, now extending into every aspect of fine living. Despite being in the middle of World Wars, economic crisis, and global meltdowns, the brand continued to re-imagine. No wonder, celebrities like Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly wore Gucci with pride, ensuring it gained instant recognition across the US.

Gucci is the perfect pick for folks who like their personal fashion statement to be progressive. Just like the label, true fashion followers seek something refreshing, to break away from conventional designs and breathe only exclusiveness. Regarded as one of the biggest luxury brands of the 21st century, Gucci defines glamor. Yes, the art of handcrafting goods to perfection in Italian fashion houses has been sustained, but with a twist in the tale. Gucci has occupied the slot for being a beloved luxury brand because it is lavish, young, and undaunted by criticism.

Overall, the Gucci approach is very urbane, very contemporary with some retro influences. Less on attention-grabbing ingredients, its collection of eyewear is more likely to have fine detailing, slightly rounded curves and laidback elegance. Under the vision of Alessandro Michele, the Creative Director, the luxury brand is becoming more expressive. As a buyer you are likely to get more insight into Italian craftsmanship that drives the premium label.

Each Gucci creation is contemporary with a languid design. Sometimes eclectic and often romantic, the label is truly Italian, insisting on handcrafted finesse rather than the typical modern-day manufacturing approach. It is hard to describe the signature pattern in Gucci’s range of eyewear but yes, the frames are made from premium materials like black acetate, often accentuated by exotic detailing in precious materials like silver. Expect classic frames reinterpreted with optyl designs and everything from nerd-chic to outright fashionable styles and inner rims in exotic colors and finishing options.

Gucci continues to evolve as a luxury lifestyle brand. This eyewear collection is beyond the realm of functional opticals—these are lifestyle defining frames and perfectly fitted, lightweight lenses that eventually become an integral part of your appearance…

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