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MARC BY MARC JACOBS / Men's Sunglasses

Marc Jacobs is considered a living legend in the world of premium fashionwear—a famous American fashion designer well known for his eccentric styles and outlandish designs. Marc by Marc Jacobs represents a revolutionary luxury fashion line of products that has been adopted by movie stars and celebrities across the world. The stylist made it to Time magazine's 2010 list of the 100 most influential people in the world. He ranked 14 on Out magazine's 2012 list of 50 Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America.

What started as a small venture, retailing handmade Op-Art sweaters quickly transformed into a comprehensive inventory of lifestyle products, including apparel for men and women and accessories like bags and watches. Marc by Marc Jacobs is a collection high on class and exclusiveness. It is betting big on accessories, including designer eyewear. Using a one brand and multiple line of products option, Marc Jacobs caters to a much wider price bracket as compared to other luxury fashion brands. For many, the brand pushes the limits, sometimes too far for those who prefer more mainstream options.

Marc Jacobs is a truly 90s luxury brand. It rode the grunge look phenomenon during the early and middle part of this decade. Some interpret Marc by Marc Jacobs as a fashion line that uses street style for inspiration and molds it into high-end fashion through sheer genius. Seasonal collections at Marc by Marc Jacobs are likely to transform every year, every season presenting something iconic or beyond anticipation. One defining feature of the brand is the ability to create luxury casual wear without doing much couture or elegant evening wear. The designs can border on bizarre but manage to capture attention and catalyze high demand. Expect exclusive amalgamation of sober and ultra-bright shades with Marc by Marc Jacobs. Some grunge inspirations still exist as others continue to pour in, ranging from history, street art, and sensuality. This is why Marc by Marc Jacobs collection is among the most awaited runway shows every year.

The collection of eyewear brings together the best from the fashion designer. Designed for men and women who like to indulge in innovatory styles, something not typical or expected, Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses present a wide array of choices, ranging from aviators and rectangular frames to colorblock squares, iridescent and more stylish sunglasses. Few people realize that Marc Jacobs is also the creative director at Louis Vuitton. This gives him first-hand experience in understanding the mindset of well-informed, elite customers who demand the best. While Marc Jacobs apparels are sometimes distressed and intentionally chaotic, the eyewear collection is more tasteful, blending sleek and artistic influences.

Choose Marc by Marc Jacobs for the best in luxury oversized, tinted, cat eye, and Degradé sunglasses. Expect some sunglasses to be glitzy, some laidback while others are a fusion of designs that are hard to define...

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