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OAKLEY / Men's Sunglasses

Oakley is among the more uniquely positioned lifestyle brands since it drives its inspiration from the sports niche—sports gear, adventure gear and supplies that should be a part of hiking trips or when backpacking the untamed wilderness. While Oakley happens to be a popular sports gear brand, it is also positioned as a progressive fashion brand with a wide array of apparel, watches and eyewear. Yes, you are more likely to find outdoorsy themed sunglasses or opticals used as a part of performance gear rather than the usual, designer options. However, this also makes Oakley eyeglasses more distinguished from other luxury lifestyle brands.

In 1980, the premium sportswear brand made a splash in the world of goggles with the breakthrough ‘O Frame’. This catalyzed increasing demanding for Oakley opticals, especially sunglasses that were created with performance standards at par with sports. Having catered to skiers and bicyclists, the luxury sportswear brand understood the dynamics of making goggles that can survive and perform in challenging outdoor environments. This is why Oakley sunglasses are a common sight on Tour de France.

Oakley uses lightweight alloys rather than premium metals to ensure its range of eyewear can outlast every challenge. The architecture of these opticals is more functional rather than aesthetical presence. However, this does not mean that Oakley sunglasses are boring. You get Oakley frames and glasses with some of the most innovative trends in the industry. This includes faux rim line, spring hinges and silicone, air-filled pads.

Oakley is among the handful of eyewear brands that has patented ear sock technology. Oakley glasses use this exclusive material—Unobtainium. This adds to the overall structural integrity of the eyeglass. Due to its primary line of products being performance enhancing and protective gear for outdoor pursuits, Oakley has equipped itself with the best of protection accessories and spares. This has helped the brand meet and surpass standards set for eyewear. Oakley’s sunglasses use high definition optics. Overall, this collection of eyewear is most likely to exceed testing standards employed by the optical industry for visual fidelity and resistance to surface damage.

For the not so sportily inclined buyers, Oakley offers uniquely designed shoes, backpacks and optical frames that are robustly constructed to face the challenges associated with hiking, trekking, snowboarding and adventure sports. This means lifestyle products with the toughness of outdoorsy gear but equally useful for non-adventurous pursuits. This is the perfect collection for folks who like sporty designs in frames with cool, colored lenses.

Explore one of the most comprehensive online inventories of Oakley sunglasses, including interchangeable & wraparound lenses apart from Carbon-fiber Frames, HD Optics, Tinted Lenses, UV and Impact Protection Frames.

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