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SMITH OPTICS / Men's Sunglasses

What started as a small experiment in the garage of a dentist, Dr. Bob Smith in 1965 has now transformed into a global brand. Smith Optics is perhaps the best blend of premium eyewear where aesthetics and performance are brewed to perfection. Unlike some designer eyeglasses brands, Smith Optics ensures that its range of premium eyewear is also driven to ensure absolute clarity, optimal contrast range and eliminate blurriness. Based out of Sun Valley, Idaho, the founder, Dr. Bob Smith used an artisan like approach for handcrafting the first goggle featuring a breathable vent foam and sealed thermal lens. Smith Optics is among the handful of futuristic eyewear brands that is passionate about each creation, leaving nothing to chance. The buyers are invariably folks who like luxurious but performance-oriented sunglasses that can withstand the outdoor challenges.

Expect refined frames, sleek designs but with a catch—Smith Optics is slightly biased towards sporty, outdoorsy frames. These are resilient frames, perfect for hiking or adventure trips. However, sturdiness is not the only defining aspect. The luxury sunglasses brand continues its legacy of reinventing and pioneering eyewear technology. Just consider the first ever goggles with a ventilation system that Smith Optics introduced during the latter half of 1979. The constant air management system used here was an eye-opener for competing brands, giving them a reality check about the scope of innovation in this segment.

Smith Optics uses polarized lenses among many of its sunglasses. This ensures the best in protection from glare and harmful rays of the sun. The luxury label has been a constant innovator, credited with many patents, including a design that features an industry-first quick release lens system. Expect some typically outdoorsy sunglasses in any collection from Smith Optics. This is also the result of Smith Optics being a cross-performer, designing and manufacturing adventure and hiking gear like ski and bike helmets along with apparels and accessories including protective cases, sleeves and goggle straps.

Smith Optics continues to garner attention among the fashion literati, from famous athletes to those who want stylish, premium protection-wear for their eyes. Never short on inspiration from the world of sports, the brand has a dedicated team to design and test performance of its soon to be released sunglasses.

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