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TOMMY HILFIGER / Men's Sunglasses

Laidback, peppy and colorful, this is perhaps the best way to define Tommy Hilfiger—one of the leading, American designer lifestyle brands. The label was created during the middle of 1980s. This was a period of flux in the fashion industry. The US itself was struggling to define what truly constitutes up market, premium fashion. Tommy Hilfiger brought alive the true American style with a modern twist. The emphasis was on keeping its range of lifestyle solutions trendy and adapting to changing consumer mindsets.

Since its inception, the brand has consistently delivered premium styling and exceptional value to its patrons worldwide. Now, positioned as a holistic lifestyle brand, its collection includes special collections such as Hilfiger Denim. The primary point of engagement are denims, sportswear, fragrances, watches, home furnishings, footwear and eyewear. Even today, the founder, Tommy Hilfiger is the principal designer. He has witnessed fashion evolve over the decades and ensures that his brand always has something exclusive on offer, something that retains the essence American culture.

Now a globally recognized lifestyle label, Tommy Hilfiger is present in nearly 90 countries. There is another interesting bit about the brand—it never positioned itself as a symbol of luxury or opulence. The emphasis was always on the American way of doing things, ensuring that ready-to-wear or accessories were had a definite aspirational dynamic about it. However, the approach quickly yielded returns and Tommy Hilfiger gained the recognition of being a luxury lifestyle brand that was more approachable and affordable than some of its European counterparts.

A big reason why Tommy Hilfiger continues to be relevant in the premium lifestyle space is its ability to correctly understand the consumer mindset. Even today, the high-traffic customer-connection channels provide valuable insight about changing preferences. While some brands overspend on promotional glitzes, Tommy Hilfiger takes a more systematic approach, ensuring its collection is curated to satisfy a contemporary buyer’s requirements.

Despite being branded as a luxury wear specialist, Tommy Hilfiger’s range of ready-to-wear apparels is not restricted to runways or elite fashion circles. The brand thrives on more visibility, easier accessibility and keeping the pricing more enticing.
For folks who like their everyday schedules with a serving of luxury, Tommy Hilfiger presents a more accessible choice. The same applies to its range of eyewear that is chic, uber-cool and still very timeless. Expect simplistic and elegant frames without over-the-top designs.

We strive to bring you the bestsellers and recent releases along with the comprehensive range from Tommy Hilfiger, all of them categorized systematically for an easy online shopping experience...

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