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ZEGNA COUTURE / Men's Sunglasses

Zegna Couture is neck-deep in history, tracing its humble origins to 1910. Today, it is counted among the most respected of Italian fashion houses. The perfect blend of opulence and artisan-like tailoring, the brand is associated with über rich fabrics. The ingenuity of Zegna Couture lies in its futuristic designs. At a time when ready-to-wear clothes were typecast, the label invested its efforts in being different driving elegance and the use of superior fabrics as the game-changers. Today, Zegna Couture is an enviable fashion label that fits into the mould of urbane and classic designs.

Specializing in men’s couture clothing, the brand has a legacy of tailoring, creating suits that define your demeanor. Interpreted as a classic and young lifestyle brand, it is difficult to typecast Zegna Couture—it is invariably the ultimate choice for gentlemen who believe in ageless designs.

The creation of the luxury label gets more interesting since it sourced fabrics from its own mills, ensuring the entire supply chain was not breached at any moment. This is the type of true exclusivity for which discerning buyers are ready to spend without looking at the sticker price. This is what defines Zegna Couture—its exclusivity cannot be imitated.

Today, the Zegna Couture range of lifestyle luxury products includes fashion accessories like designer sunglasses. No matter which Zegna Couture product you choose, the handcrafted, organic-like aura is immediately palpable. Expect an uber-stylish ensemble on display here. This is not just eyeglasses but a way to augment your aura. Two factors that make Zegna Couture truly iconic include expertise in the use of the finest fibers and sartorial heritage. The label is still handled by folks who have engrained a sense of fashion and cultivated a taste for luxury lifestyle options like an heirloom.

Expect frames from Zegna Couture to be a blend of slightly sporty and formal designs. Some sunglasses have a typically masculine aura while some are more fluidic. Zegna Couture Sunglasses underline the heritage of fine craftsmanship. From aviators to wayfarers, geometric, round and cat eye sunglasses, you will find most of the mainstream eyewear designs here but with a touch of exclusivity that only Zegna Couture can deliver.

Experience the finest sunglasses that incorporate the most exclusive styling elements like wooden arms, gunmetal bridges, Havana fronts, and chevron patterns...

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