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ARNETTE / Women's Sunglasses

When Greg Arnette started the brand, more with an enterprising spirit rather than resources or infrastructure in 1992, he didn’t realize that his humble beginnings from a car garage would take the shape of a globally popular lifestyle brand. These aren’t just opticals, you can interpret Arnette as culturally-influenced eyewear. The reason lies in how Arnette has transitioned as a brand. The approach is still more boutique rather than volumes-based manufacturing for the Orange County firm.

During its initial phase, Arnette symbolized a lifestyle choice with young vibes. Vibrant and non-conformist, the brand redefined how eyewear was perceived and bought. The journey has continued for Arnette, turning it into an iconic brand. For most buyers Arnette is a bit of revelation, as you won’t find it on supermall shelves. However, Arnette did come close to attaining mass following with its Raven and Black Dog styles—still regarded as classics in the premium sunglasses niche. Arnette has always been about laidback designing, even earning the distinction of being perhaps the first pop culture sunglasses brand. Steered by the principle of doing things with creative liberty, the Arnette range presents a comprehensive optical collection, including designer sunglasses, polarized lenses, polycarbonate lenses, and lightweight Grilamid Frames.

Today, Arnette is uniquely positioned, progressively becoming the signature style of personalities including entertainers, musicians, and artists. Lifestyle brands often crave for a unique identity. Arnette has a strong foothold, globally accepted as the refined, unconventional choice with exquisite styles like the Fire Drill, Dropout and Witch Doctor—names for uniquely designed frames! Arnette’s eyewear portfolio is slowly growing, synonymous with luxury. Moreover, it is not just about exceptional designs.

Arnette has been pursuing innovation too. The creative team has incorporated optical technologies to create frames with interchangeable parts. You can effortlessly swap arms and mix them to ensure your sunglasses are the perfect fashion accessory. Trust Arnette for modern tastes and fashion-forward style. There is a bit of intuitiveness rolled into the brand. It is usually among the first brands that embrace emerging optical technologies. In contrast, Arnette is also associated with iconoclastic artists and creators. The blended approach transforms into designs that underline a liberated lifestyle choice. Every time you choose Arnette, you are essentially underlining your individualism, adding a bit of distinction to your personal style.

Arnette chooses to be special, never compromising on structural integrity of its frames, unafraid of using strong angular lines and the classic, wrap styling. Expect spring hinges crafted from premium materials. We have handpicked the bestsellers and latest from the world of Arnette to help you buy from a wide array of luxury eyewear in different color palettes. Only a handful of luxury lifestyle brands take the onus of defining their approach with creative collaborations like Arnette does. This includes launching multi-sport action sport films and associating with top athletes.

If you appreciate unconventional styles, eyewear with the ultimate precision standards, you should seriously consider Arnette. Classic influences and soft contours with technologically advanced lenses are the apt fit for buyers that put a premium on their wardrobe ensembles and accessories.

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