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BALENCIAGA / Women's Sunglasses

Very contemporary and glamorous, eyewear from Balenciaga is the preferred choice for folks who understand true luxury wear. A boutique brand, Balenciaga does not follow the typical, assembly-line manufacturing approach. Expect more limited editions and a small, handpicked selection every season. The inventory at Balenciaga is progressive, always managing to surprise its patrons. Every season, Balenciaga surprises its critics with its unique ability to fuse retro-influences with sporty, futuristic shapes. Balenciaga initially gained fame with its Lariat range of motorcycle-inspired handbags. Global bestsellers, these bags continue to trend but are not easily accessible. You have to be at one of Balenciaga’s stores or visit a retailer who specializes in refined, upmarket lifestyle merchandise.

Balenciaga caters to discerning buyers, men and women, who like the idea of indulgence—a sophisticated alternative to regular, branded eyeglasses and sunglasses out there. Balenciaga’s approach to eyewear is reflected across its versatile portfolio. From handbags to shoes, jewelry and belts, the brand chooses to update its offerings with the best. Nothing usual or mainstream makes it to Balenciaga’s line of products. The exclusivity factor is essential here, including elegant frames and eyeglasses. From cat eye to oversized and geometric frames, expect Balenciaga to deliver designer sunglasses and even prescription sunglasses with an emphasis on elegance. Designs at Balenciaga are never outright blingy, they don't shout for attention. The approach is in fine detailing that can be appreciated only by a handful of folks who understand avant-garde creations.

From ready-to-wear apparels to accessories, workplace ensembles or evening wear, Balenciaga’s design philosophy has always managed to create an impression, flaunted by Hollywood fraternity, making it to many red carpet events. Fashion editors agree that Balenciaga brings the type of exclusivity that very few brands deliver. Balenciaga’s range of sunglasses underline this approach. Each eyewear is futuristic without being bizarre. That typical French influence of subtle styling is clearly palpable.

Our collection of Balenciaga should induce a feeling of buying the best in luxury brands. You get the assurance of finding the latest from Balenciaga under one roof—a smartly categorized online interface that helps you browse and shop the best Balenciaga has to offer. How do we manage this? Our dedicated team of fashion curators and trend-spotters are always in harmony with what is creating noise in the niche of fashion wear that stands apart from the crowd. Balenciaga resonates with our approach. It is passionate and Parisian—traits that we associate with pioneering designs, innovative contours and clean lines.

Explore the most holistic online collection of Balenciaga designer eyewear, including high-tech aviators and marbled, round or oversized frames…

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