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BULGARI / Women's Sunglasses

Bulgari is the embodiment of Italian finesse in lifestyle products, a brand that continues to evolve, still connected with its rich, more than a century old heritage. The brandís history is at par with a classic novel, and it continues to romance innovation, including its range of eyewear. Bulgari is about apparel and accessories, each with a distinct inspiration, usually symbolic of the era underway. Just consider the 1950s-60s, a time that witnessed return to rich, more vibrant colors during the post-war era that needed fashion houses to uplift sagging spirits.

Innovation is pursued like an art at Bulgari. Expect a wide range of angular frames constructed from premium materials. Just like its wide portfolio of handmade jewelry and wardrobe essentials, each eyewear is a piece of timeless beauty. This is not just about investing into a premium optical, wearing a Bulgari means embracing non-conformism, being audacious to be differentóideally suited for folks who have a penchant for the finest in luxury lifestyle offerings. Each product from the Bulgari inventory is instantly recognizable, backed by progressive styling. Expect an exceptional range of designs, low on volumes, high on exclusivity. From sensual, subtle curves to linearity, from artsy to geometric frames, Bulgari continues to transform and impress.

From Greek and Roman influences to the most celebrated art forms of ancient history, Bulgari employs unique inspirations and mates them with modern-day precision. Each creation is symbolic of this progressive approach, infusing life-like emotions into fashion. You might come across some dazzling, futuristic creations too, underlining why Bulgari is the preferred choice among elite scholars, actors and musicians. Fashion experts continue to be amazed by how Bulgari manages to infuse Parisian, Italian Renaissance and Art Deco inspirations to create a boutique assortment every season that manages to make it to the list of global bestsellers.

Bulgari patronizes lovable shapes and a magical interplay of colors, even using exotic shades to create optical brilliance. This includes charismatic sunglasses that are distinguished due to their flawless lustrous or matte finishing and the use of metal or acetate. Every creation reflects the brandís unquenchable desire to create exceptional pieces. From oversized rounded frames to browline frames and mirrored lenses, the signature eyewear collection continues to change every season, catering to every demand. From playful to trendy and classical designs for men and women, Bulgari continues to create new benchmarks for uniqueness of design.

We have carefully put together a selection of Bulgari eyewear for your consideration. This includes some bestsellers and the latest.

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