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BURBERRY / Women's Sunglasses

Just a handful of lifestyle brands can quote the type of legacy associated with Burberry—grabbing attention since the latter part of 19th century. Once regarded as a truly luxury British brand, it is now the global benchmark for premium luxury goods. Perhaps, the secret lies in brewing the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Always regarded as being bold, Burberry is synonymous with fashionistas, including the Hollywood fraternity, and celebrities across the world. This includes eyewear—not just opticals but grand creations from a marquee brand.

Initially, Burberry was regarded as the classically British Trench Coat Brand. Slowly, it made inroads in every aspect associated with fine living, creating a portfolio that is always ready with a luxury offering to magnetize spontaneous purchases. Unlike many classically British brands that struggled to evolve, Burberry took the creative liberty. Hierarchies were re-optimized and the brand grew, digitally, ready to become contemporary, very relevant for discerning buyers who demand only the best—people who value true luxury. In fact, Burberry sunglasses have become objet du désir rather recently, in the last decade which saw this iconic brand reposition itself as being very European, very British but willing to adapt as per changing consumer mindsets.

Burberry has witnessed meteoric success during the past decade, transforming from a heritage brand to a fashion-first, cutting-edge brand that is bold, ready to challenge the conventional and defy fashion norms. The same approach is visible in Burberry eyewear. Expect a curated list of opticals, frames and lenses that are not meant for the masses. Burberry goes beyond just the luxury labeling. A globally adored fashion brand, it is often described as a young-old enterprise. It has become an evolutionary brand, one of UK's highest performing businesses—a fact that many high-end fashion brands strive for but seldom achieve. The secret also lies in Burberry’s strategic understanding of what makes everyday living a more lovable affair.

Burberry offers a wide range of fashion products, for men and women, and each line makes it presence felt on the ramps of London and among fashion followers. You will find this in Burberry eyewear offerings too. One glance at our assortment of Burberry’s best in eyewear and you will realize the fine detailing, use of premium materials and artistically created frames. You will not find another brand so deep-rooted, with a heritage of defining fashion trends, a tradition of perfectionism.

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