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CARRERA / Women's Sunglasses

Carrera is an eyewear specialist but most patrons would call it a lifestyle brand. The reason lies in Carrera’s approach to opticals, bordering on being revolutionary, having collaborated with automobile craftsmen at Porsche. High on style, very durable and lightweight, Carrera is among the handful of internationally acclaimed eyewear brands flaunted on the ramp, red carpet events, sports events and workplaces.

Innovation has been an inherent part of Carrera. For those who want to understand a brand’s journey, consider this—Carrera patented a special type of eyewear plastic that weighed 20% lesser than acetate in 1964. This is why the portfolio has been expanding consistently. The penchant for styling differently and a passion for pursuing styles that are not mainstream is what keeps the creative team at Carrera on the edge, helping them consistently churn out bestsellers.

Carrera buyers are essentially those who prefer finesse and put a premium on exclusive designs. These aren’t just designer sunglasses or sporty frames—every Carrera creation announces your taste in fashion, a lifestyle statement. From critics and buyers, the brand has been able to impress everyone with its truly Italian heritage. Expect craftsmanship typical of Italian fashion houses.

Carrera does not come across as a brand trying hard to be premium or unattainable. Ever since its inception in 1956, it has strived for innovation, driven by curiosity, ready to create frames and mold lenses in ways that haven’t been pursued before. This philosophy still works brilliantly, ensuring the luxury eyewear brand has global scale patrons.

Most Carrera frames can be standardized across four classic categories—Pilot, Squared, Round and Cat Eye but this is not a rule. There are a myriads of sizes and colors to choose from and within each range, you might come across unexpected design aspects like retro or vintage influences.

Today, Carrera sunglasses are an instant choice for the creative fraternity, from Hollywood starts to musicians. Celebrities clicked with their favorite pair of Carrera include Madonna, Brad Pitt, and Britney Spears. Sporty Carrera eyewear, often worn by famous track and field sports persons, has added a new dimension to this luxury brand. Carrera sunglasses for everyday wear and as a part of sports gear symbolizes spontaneity, excitement and thrill. The artsy frames come in small, medium and large frames, ensuring there is a perfect-fitting frame for every type of face.

We are eyewear specialists, choosing only the best, most popular global brands for your consideration. Carrera comes across as a progressive luxury lifestyle brand. We resonate with its penchant for perfection. Explore this category to discover a Carreraframe that defines your persona…

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