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DIESEL / Women's Sunglasses

Perhaps not as volatile in its fuel avatar, Diesel is among the most celebrated denim brands. What started as a small, home-based enterprising exercise has now transformed into a truly global brand. Diesel has more than 400 stores in nearly 80 nations.

Founder Renzo Rosso initially produced a pair of bell-bottoms with flair, using a modest sewing machine borrowed from his mother. Needless to say, that denim had strokes of genius written all over it and since then, the footprints have been fast, on the upward swing. An innate ability to design and sell clothing led him to transform Diesel into a go-to brand for denims and accessories.

The demand for Diesel luxury denims is insatiable. Renzo is still the creative director and his vision of bringing more attainability to luxury wear is yielding great returns in terms of customer loyalty. The finesse separates it from the clutter of similar looking labels. Another transformation that has helped the luxury brand to make inroads into relatively passive consumer demographics is creating a more comprehensive lifestyle portfolio. You now get fragrances, watches and eyewear too.

Italian brands are conventionally associated with handcrafted finesse. This is what the creators of popular denims at Diesel do. With a large supply chain, Diesel might not fit the conventional definition of a boutique brand but it is still a premium label, very luxurious and is considered the trendsetter in the niche of designer apparel. The designs might be minimalistic but they are never too basic since Diesel believes in being bold and expressive.

Today, Diesel happens to be a cherished fashion label, loved by the elite with a primarily youngish audience. Diesel has the leverage of being recognized as the true founder of distressed denims—a fashion trend that ceases to wane. Diesel might have started as a staple for men seeking premium denim wear but eventually, the brand started catering to women too. Today, the company is positioned as a holistic luxury lifestyle brand.

When it comes to Diesel Eyewear, expect a game-changer. These are casually styled eyewear with a relaxed vibe. The designs might seem simple but look closer and you realize the attention to detail and the use of premium materials. Using a fusion of plastics, metal and acetate, most frames are invariably sporty while some are hard to categorize. From ultra-chic to mixed-material and retro fusion sunglasses, Diesel continues to reinvent and underline itself as the best luxury opticals brand.

Explore a wide array of Diesel sunglasses, with bold and intrepid frames apart from some vintage-themed eyewear. Get the assurance of 100% genuine Diesel inventory, timely delivery and the best online prices…!

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