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FENDI / Women's Sunglasses

Luxury lifestyle brand vie for the type of customer loyalty Fendi has cultivated. Obviously, this is not an overnight turn of events. The journey started years ago, somewhere around 1925 with a creative idea and basic tools to give shape to them. Today, the Rome-based fashion house has global credentials. Its quality is vouched for by connoisseurs, fashion-conscious folks who like to buy only the best. The boutique brand has an iconic address, on the busy square of Largo Goldoni. The journey has been almost 100-years long and still, no luxury brand renders this type of unparalleled exclusivity.

Fendi has been somewhat unconventional, a trait that first engaged criticism but now gets compliments from fashion industry experts. Its first collection was launched with a short film, taglined “Hands make beauty.” Now, using this unique heritage, dedicated workforce and access to the finest materials, this Italian brand crafts lifestyle products like no other label. The fashion-forward collection with some vintage, Italian influences includes clothing, accessories, jewellery, bags, and eyewear.

With its flamboyant designs and creative virtuosity, Fendi brought a ‘Fur Revolution’ in the fashion world. During the 1980s, it launched women’s and men’s ready-made, footwear, watches, perfumes, and accessories. The ready-to-wear line was a turning point as it came with classic collections with a distinctive, trendy twist. Fendi has not survived but evolved as a luxury provider. There have been some risks and significant achievements during this course. Just consider this—Fendi organized the first-ever catwalk on the Great Wall of China with 88 fashion models and celebrities draped in the finest of Fendi creations.

Despite its deep-rooted legacy, the brand is as contemporary as a fashion label can be. How else can you explain choosing Kendall Jenner as the face of their ‘Fall 2016 Campaign’. This is an example of why Fendi is a fashion trendsetter and continues to innovative. The most recent part of Fendi’s luxury offerings includes eyewear, including sunglass that are a perfect blend of exquisite workmanship and creative designs. Expect some cat-eye designs, use of glossy black acetate, geometric patterns on the temples and the trademark, pink triangles along the tips of a true Fendi eyewear. There is every possibility of chancing upon a pair of Fendi sunglasses that fuses multiple classic styles into a modern shape.

Ethereal shape with innovative designs is at the core of Fendi collection of eyewear. Discover a myriad of designs in classic and modern shapes to match different personal preferences...

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