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GIVENCHY / Women's Sunglasses

Think haute couture, typically European with definite French influences and you are bound to think of Givenchy—the first name in luxury fashion niche that started its journey more than 50 years ago. The French fashion house defines upscale designs, it is living proof of the fact that sometimes exclusiveness has to be unattainable. Yes, you will not come across bulk volumes at Givenchy: the brand is truly boutique. Every season, a curated list of luxury fashion offerings are released for curious critiques and fashion labels seeking an inspiration. The portfolio is comprehensive, including inventory for designer apparel, footwear, handbags, exquisite jewelry, cosmetics & perfumes and chic accessories like eyewear.

Givenchy embodies why Parisian luxury brands are sometimes considered as being obsessive about the clientele. Unrelenting to dilute its market credentials, the house doesn’t believe in setting up physical stores like other luxury labels. A fashion house that shares very little of what goes behind the sacred headquarters at Paris, Givenchy is all about finesse.

Peek into the history of Givenchy and you will realize its penchant for perfection. The founder, Hubert de Givenchy was very specific about the fabrics used. He believed in some narcissism to create designs that ignite envy. The result is out there for the world to see. Among the early patrons of Givenchy, iconic names Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn surface, clearly indicating that this is not the brand for masses. The quest for perfection continues, even in smaller accessories and the exclusive range of eyewear.

Every time you wear a Givenchy product, you are essentially sporting a classic, carrying a style statement that other luxury brands can only desire. On ramp, on-screen, across red carpet events and international forums, the iconic brand has a habit of showing up at all the right places. The renowned couturier holds expertise in designing artsy jewelry and eyewear that is less functional and more of a fashion accessory.

Today’s style-makers like Saint Laurent, Victoria Beckham and Oliver Peoples too endorse Givenchy. The eyewear range reflects this fixation for perfection. Perhaps, this is why you need to check Givenchy’s inventory repeatedly since it rides the idea of one-time designs.

We are luxury eyewear specialists, always striving for creating the perfect collection for you, bringing together the latest and bestsellers from globally respected luxury lifestyle brands like Givenchy.

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