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MARC JACOBS / Women's Sunglasses

Marc Jacobs is the ultimate definition of a young fashion brand that is transforming into a classic, evolving according to changing consumer preferences, very adaptive, always ready to innovate. Most Marc Jacobs patrons would vouch for the fact that it is an unconventional fashion label. The styling is very chic, sometimes eccentric but always urbane that resonates with today’s consumers who demand passion and exclusiveness woven into their luxury shopping experience.

Marc Jacobs comes across as truly American, less structure, more grunge, using an infusion of street styles, molding them into mainstream creations. The fashion designer, Marc Jacobs is regarded as quirky, an out-thinker who has managed to find a stronghold in showbiz. The international designer has won multiple awards for his unconventional designs. Most limited edition Marc Jacobs collections, from apparels, watches, and accessories to cosmetics, handbags, jewelry, fragrances and eyewear have been season bestseller. Being recognized and awarded by the most prestigious fashion institutions across the US despite being unpredictable underlines the fact there is always a market for true, ingenious designs, no matter how unusual as long as the creative streak is clearly visible.

Marc Jacobs presents an interesting inventory. It is among the few luxury fashion brands that is open to repositioning itself in the marketplace. For instance, the recent range of accessories by Marc Jacobs has shown a multiple pricing approach. Industry watchers eagerly await Marc Jacobs designs every season. They realize something refreshing awaits them. The international haute couture niche has a dedicated space for Marc Jacobs luxurious creations. Designs by Marc is meant to grab attention. You will seldom find subtle or very restrained designs here. Marc Jacobs is more about being openly, expressively luxurious. Designs are presented in a glamorous avatar that includes the eyewear collection.

Eyewear by Marc Jacobs has been meticulously crafted, catering to contemporary buyers who demand premium quality, exclusive styling and a big inventory to ensure they find the perfect fit. Sunglasses by Marc are less scholarly, more playful and vibrant. Expect everything here, from classic aviators to brightly colored cat eye shades in oversized, round and square frames. We anticipate more intriguing designs from Marc Jacobs line of eyewear as the celebrated brand makes further inroads into international landscapes, discovering new influences.

March Jacobs is the perfect pick if you prefer trendy and glamorous eyewear. Sunglasses made from premium materials, sporting colorful lenses along with some eccentric designs summarizes the eyeglasses put together under this category...

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