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MICHAEL KORS / Women's Sunglasses

Some premium brands drive the exclusivity factor too far; some are regarded as snooty and over-priced just to create the illusion of being special. Michael Kors doesn’t follow these upscale marketplace dynamics and yet, it has transformed into a billion-dollar brand with global presence. Michael Kors believes in creating everyday luxuries. Lifestyle options for men and women, including eyewear that can be worn everyday due to their structural integrity but exude progression fashion sensibility because of the unique design approach. Globally celebrated, Michael Kors has brought a new dimension to luxury fashion. Initially, the brand drove on the popularity of its handbags that are regularly seen on the shoulders of A-listers, from Miranda Kerr to Zoe Saldana.

Michael Kors is an American fashion designer who started his journey towards creative excellence rather young at the age of 19. One of the most Googled luxury wear brand, Michael Kors does not believe in making luxury unattainable. This approach is reflected in an increasing inventory of ready-to-wear range of men and women apparel, watches, shoes, fragrances and eyewear. Interpret Michael Kors as the best option for everyday dose of something exotic. This is the perfect example of a global designer brand. From Michelle Obama to Jennifer Lopez, Michael Kors seems to have made an impression across the list of most recognizable celebrities.

Sunglasses from Michael Kors are a blend. Expect some offbeat and retro designs in the mix with some sleek frames. The glamour quotient varies across each pair of sunglasses and finding similarly designed units is seriously hard—Michael Kors thrives on not repeating, even the bestsellers. Explore Michael Kors for its premium collection of aviators, cat eye shaped shades, and oversized sunglasses. You get the leverage of browsing the latest and the best of Michael Kors from the comfort of your mobile or laptop rather than navigating through the overwhelming range of luxury lifestyle stores in New York or Tokyo. Every time you put on sunglasses by Michael Kors, you are wearing what probably made its presence felt at red carpet events and resonates with connoisseurs of true panache. We continue to add more MK designs to ensure you can choose from the perfect fusion of elegance, glamor and performance.

We are luxury lifestyle specialists. We are grooming this space with bestsellers from Michael Kors. You get the assurance of the best picks, each pair of sunglasses chosen by our team of lifestyle experts and procurement specialists.

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