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MIU MIU / Women's Sunglasses

“Sophisticated vision of feminity”—this is perhaps the best way to define Miu Miu; a renowned Italian high fashion women’s clothing and accessory brand that brings a refreshing touch to luxury. A completely owned subsidiary of Prada, Miu Miu invariably has the exclusivity factor associated with Prada—a global bestseller in the niche of premium lifestyle goods. In 1993, Miu Miu, founded by Miuccia Prada, took its first step in the world of global fashion and quickly became a powerful representative of the Prada brand.

From its launch to its present-day reputation, Miu Miu has been able to make its presence felt as a fashion line that believes in bold expressionism and is unafraid to innovate, defying norms, being playful and unorthodox. This Italian brand is more about Qingyi fabrics, minimalism, flowing lines, and a restrained sense of style. You will find this in Miu Miu range of sunglasses too that are easily identifiable with unconventional decorative details. The result is an exclusive range of designs that are apt for the workplace or a day out.

Miu Miu upholds the mature charm we associate with Prada. Expect some exotic materials mated with technologically advanced designs that ooze exclusivity. The brand uses earthy tones and slightly offbeat and fusion designs. The line is known for its distinct patterns and use of high-grade materials. While Prada continues to define fashion trends for the season, Miu Miu continues to pursue a bit of sensuality. The designs are rather feminine with subtle curves and elegance.

Blending couture flair and cultured experimentalism, Miu Miu defines what contemporary eyewear fashion is all about—continuously evolving, difficult to define as it seeks new inspirations. You get the assurance of frames that are durable but the style conceals the robust chassis. Inspirations can vary as this lifestyle brand diversifies, bringing in more innovation to handbags, shoes and eyewear.
A Miu Miu patron would vouch for the elegance of flared maxi coats in vivid shades, fit-and-flare jackets, and furry heels while others might indicate space-dyed sweaters, knit ponchos, and quirky jabot blouses as the brand’s best offerings. However, accessories and eyewear are now grabbing attention. Using retro influences, blending vintage with contemporary comes easy to the premium lifestyle brand. The frames are invariably compatible with any fashion-focused wardrobe ensemble. Fluidity with strong feminine flavor are an inherent part of this collection. Celebrity quotient of Miu Miu is as at par with Prada, having been endorsed and worn by Katie Holmes, Vanessa Paradis, Lindsay Lohan, and Jessica Stam.

We recommend Miu Miu to women seeking the best in eyewear from a globally acknowledged lifestyle brand that continues to innovate and impress…

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