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PERSOL / Women's Sunglasses

A small adventure began with a small initiative by photographer Giuseppe Ratti in 1917 and later, went on to become an international success. The brand, Persol is regarded as the global benchmark for luxury eyewear that promises technically advanced glasses, crafted to perfection. The precision in Persol eyeglasses lies in its heritage where the brand made technically progressive glasses for pilots and sports drivers. With time, the professional expertise in the aviation industry gave way to a lifestyle brand. Persol handled this evolution rather well.

Today, it benefits from its glorious, technically-advanced past, impresses modern-day luxury shoppers with distinguished designs and is future-prepared with an evolving line of eyewear that is crafted to withstand the most challenging environments.

Persol started with its signature Protector Glasses that were made with rubber edged round smoked lenses. Worn using attached elastic bands, these were very different from the usual eyewear designs. Protector Glasses found patronage in the armed forces but somehow managed to transform as a choice for celebrities. Hollywood celebs represent a large section of dedicated Persol sunglass users. From Greta Garbo to Steve McQueen, the premium brand has never been short on the celebrity quotient.

Persol comes close to being the true reflection of a typical Italian luxury brand. The difference lies in its approach as compared to other Italian eyewear brands. Only a handful of Italian eyewear brands has an equally impressive lineage, almost reaching a century of originality and creativity. The sophistication has been beautifully used to create classics and sleek, contemporary designs for men and women.

Persol collection of sunglasses underlines the ability to reimagine and reposition itself as a luxury eyewear brand. Today, the label has a global demographic. Its special editions like the Typewriter Edition were a global hit. The brand shares its history, the way to becoming an iconic eyewear brand. Some Persol frames have attained an iconic status and continue to be bestsellers.

The brand also invests in understanding its consumer’s perspective and providing a glimpse of the label’s enviable history. The latest innovation here has been interaction via a storytelling-like platform. Using a graphical novel “The Interactive Story”, Persol continues to experiment even when it comes to the outreach and engagement methods.

Persol is the perfect pick for luxury buyers who prefer tougher, more classically styled eyewear with an emphasis on elegance. You might come across some eternally charming Persol eyewear option here. From sunbathing at the beach to wearing Persol special application sunglasses for high altitude trekking or when exploring the hot deserts, you get the assurance of protective and fashionable eyewear as long as you choose Persol—the true example of an Italian heritage luxury brand.

Persol is a truly Italian lifestyle brand, meaning “for the sun”. The eyewear brand was featured in the latest James Bond flick, Spectre. Explore to find your fix of the perfect Persol pair of sunglasses, from Vintage and Havanas to Reflex and more…

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