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POLAROID / Women's Sunglasses

Eyewear technology followers and innovators across the world have to agree with one, unarguable brand, there is one benchmark in terms of performance-focused luxury eyewear that has no parallels. We are talking about Polaroid. The brand continues to be a pioneer, ensuring its position in the prescription and opticals niche remains unchallenged.

Polaroid is regarded as the leading anti-glare sunglasses maker with its presence in nearly every country or continent. Offering the highest degree of UV protection, Polaroid is more about minimalistic designs that deliver outstanding performance. This comes in the form of Polarized Lenses that ensure elimination of Horizontal Light—light that creates glare. Though this might sound like a simple eyewear technology at play, it is rather complex. The scientifically intricate process has been perfected over the decades by Polaroid. In fact, some of the best luxury lifestyle brands who make fashionable frames employ Polaroid lenses, realizing no one does glare-free eyeglasses better.

In 1929, Edward patented his invention—the use of modern filters to polarize light and then started using them for sunglasses, photography and automobile headlights. This paved the way for perhaps the first ever performance-oriented eyeglasses. From sunglasses to prescription lenses, these lenses started engaging some serious attention. The brand, as we know it today, was founded in 1937. Innovation has been at the core of Polaroid does best—create the best in eyewear technologies that are relevant in the harshest outdoor/indoor environments. Polaroid was also at the forefront of the 3D movie glass generation. Today, Polaroid is regarded as the benchmark for producing finest optical-class polarized lenses.

Polaroid’s offerings are high on precision. These are not your everyday range of luxury optical solutions. With every Polaroid, you are essentially wearing the best in contemporary eyewear technology, groomed perfectly for reducing glare. Apart from UV filters, Polaroid eyewear also comes with the promise of being shock resistant and immune to scratches. The polarizing core is literally at the middle of these highly functional lenses and delivers glare-free vision with clear contrasts.

UB light absorbers are present on both sides of the sunglasses, meaning the damaging effect of sun is eliminated. You get holistic protection for your eyes against harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Most Polaroids are rather light yet durable. Expect flexible sunglasses that are immune to the occasional drop or neglectful handling.

There is more to Polaroid than impeccable performance. Some of its anti-glares have become iconic, thanks to unique designs. As the brand garnered more international fame, more celebrities, from Hollywood stars to tennis greats like Boris Becker started patronizing Polaroid. Even today, Polaroid aviators with interchangeable lenses are regarded as a revolution in fashionable eyewear. The Air Force range of Polaroid eyewear and Sport Goggles employ Polaroid® lenses but owe their fame to classically designed, sleek frames too. From sunglasses to flaunt your style at the beach to announcing your presence on the red carpet, you can bank upon Polaroid.

Polaroid eyeglasses should appeal to folks who seek luxury eyewear without compromising on performance in any way. Similarly, folks who often venture outdoors and need lenses that can help them see clearer in the harshest environments should opt for Polaroids.

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