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PRADA / Women's Sunglasses

Prada had humble beginnings in 1913 with Mario Prada’s enterprising spirit and creativity being the primary ingredients. However, the journey sustained itself owing to the ingenious creations. However, no one could have predicted that the brand would take the shape of a global giant, the true definition of an Italian luxury fashion house. Today, Prada is regarded at the top of the luxury fashion ecosystem, being a trend-creator, always innovative, undaunted by criticism. The global luxury fashion industry regards the Milan-based brand as its ambassador, having inspired legions of fashion designers and followers.

Today, Prada offers a holistic luxury shopping experience with its range containing leather bags, footwear, fragrances, accessories and beauty cases. The avant-grade approach finds its inspiration from various resources, including Italian art and history. Despite being deep rooted in its Italian heritage, the luxury brand uses innovation, plays with progressive prints and patterns. Fashion experts opine that Prada has global presence because of its unique appeal, regarded as the first choice among fashion-conscious, elite crowd. Prada's evolution into a global fashion powerhouse has been a steady process paved with attention to detail, using a more boutique approach that is typical of Italian craftsmanship.

Prada stands strong as the most appreciated luxury brand in the world. It has constantly evolved its fashion lines to stay in touch with the contemporary buyer. However, it is not just about creating the hottest fashion trends, but also about creating ageless lifestyle products. This is largely because Prada continues to seek inspirations beyond the usual. Expect classic cinema and regional cultural trends to inspire a unique Prada creation.

International celebrities have been generous in sporting Prada collections at all the right places, adding more exclusivity to the brand. From Katy Perry and Taylor Swift to Beyonce, Prada remains the most commonly chosen red carpet premium brand. Prada’s rising international imprints include a fashion-forward range of eyewear too. A brand once regarded as too aristocratic and snooty is today regarded as progressive, high on practicality and innovativeness. Prada’s focus has been on exclusivity, never about volumes. The same approach is visible in the luxury brand’s eyewear collection. Started in 2000, Prada’s range of sunglasses and optical eyewear has been steadily making inroads. The frames are finely engineered, using that typical Italian craftsmanship-like approach, using durable but lightweight materials. Prada’s range of eyeglasses have been consistently glamorous, sometimes with retro impressions.

We realize that Prada is among the most sought after luxury lifestyle brands. It is our endeavor to ensure that this collection helps you explore the most popular and recent additions from the legendary brand...

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