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ROBERTO CAVALLI / Women's Sunglasses

When Roberto Cavalli first showcased his line of couture during the 1970s, the world of fashion immediately realized one thing—one of the best Italian fashion designers had announced himself and would rule the fashion industry. The Italian fashion designer is more about striking prints, rock and roll influences and never shy of glamor and glitz.

Buying a Roberto Cavalli is about absolutely decadent luxury. The brand caters to a premium lifestyle segment. Assume vacations on privately owned yachts and trips to exotic islands among the patrons of Roberto Cavalli. There is little similarity in a Roberto Cavalli collection. It might include patchwork-like designs apart from animal prints and an eclectic use of colors. The shades can be loud. The fashion label is not about subtlety, often defined as an over the top fashion house. However, the luxury brand commands loyalty among buyers across the world.

What started as a boutique store in Italy is now positioned as the final word when it comes to some specific luxury collections. For instance, leather is something that Roberto Cavalli delivers with great expertise and mindboggling results. The designs might border on being sensuous, provocative for some but exclusive in every way. The luxury brand is not shy of being erotic and yet, the creations exude class. This is what makes Roberto Cavalli as a marquee lifestyle brand—from women’s wear to menswear and clothing for children, and accessories, like sunglasses, expect the awesome from Roberto Cavalli.

Most folks don't realize that Roberto Cavalli is also a fashion innovator. The designer developed a unique, on-leather printing procedure that is now patented for the luxury label. Always ensuring there is something edgy about his creations, Roberto Cavalli introduced sand-blasted look for jeans—a global phenomenon!

Roberto Cavalli is now positioned as a wholesome luxurious lifestyle provider with a comprehensive portfolio including perfumes, fragrances and accessories like sunglasses. Respected across the ramps of Milan and upscale shopping destinations that boast of ultra-luxury boutique stores, Roberto Cavalli’s creations are truly global. A constant presence on the catwalk of Italy, the collection has something bolder to offer in every season. This includes the use of rich, brightly shaded stripes and roses or wild animal prints.

Roberto Cavalli has never been short on celebrity patronage. The fame seems overwhelming with the brand being flaunted by Spice Girls, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez. With more than two decades in the luxury fashion industry, Cavalli is counted among the most premium fashion houses in Italy. The eyewear collection is equally exotic with nothing sober about it. The best in glare-protecting lenses are mated with charismatic frames to create eyewear that instantly grabs attention.

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