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TOM FORD / Women's Sunglasses

Tom Ford has a simple design philosophy, beauty should be flaunted, it commands attention, and being glamorous and indulgent should come without any guilt, touted as the boldest of American luxury lifestyle brands. A globally acclaimed designer, Tom Ford started engaging the attention of red carpet regulars and celebrities during the early 90s. In a way, the premium label redefined the typical meaning of a fashion house. Tom Ford is sleek, high on glamour. His creative ideas, innovative designs gave an entirely new direction to the world of lifestyle goods.

The Tom Ford enterprise gained a more structured format in 2005 and this is when the label entered the niche of beauty accessories and fashionable eye wear collection. Expect the collections to be progressive, tuned towards the future with an emphasis on being attention grabbers. A luxury brand with boutique stores set-up in the most upscale fashion streets of the US, it can be blatant and blingy. Tom Ford has been active in expanding its range of luxury solutions, including signature fragrances like Tom Ford Grey Vetiver and Tom Ford Black Orchid.

Tom Ford is among the few luxury brands that are really expressive about beauty solutions for men. The desirability for Tom Ford beauty products is turning global as the contemporary man seeks safe, effective cosmetic solutions that turn everyday dressing into a more adorable affair.

If you want to understand how Tom Ford approaches eyewear, just consider this—it has an actual line of opticals dedicated to the James Bond franchise. This underlines that the luxury brand is unafraid of being outright fashionable. The women’s wear range of eyewear is a rather recent addition to the brand’s growing list of luxury offerings. However, this collection has made an impact, something industry experts had not predicted. The frames are very urbane, exuding a cosmopolitan touch that can be found in such boutique lifestyle brands only. Expect exotic frames with clearly defined feminine appeal. From evening wear, corporate dressing to laidback daywear frames, the Tom Ford range of eyewear has something for every occasion. The craftsmanship and use of premium metals and acetate temples instantly highlights what makes this collection so special.

Tom Ford sunglasses are essentially lifestyle accessories. Explore this collection if you have ultra-chic, fashionable frames on your mind. Utterly glamorous, inspired by fashion trends across the world, Tom Ford eyewear will definitely uplift your persona...

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