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VERSACE / Women's Sunglasses

If fashion houses from Italy continue to dominate the world of fashion, Versace must be the leader in this segment. Counted among the topmost luxury lifestyle brands with a global following, it is about lavish, upscale and seemingly unattainable lifestyle products. Every Versace offering is essentially buying a slice of Italy’s heritage of craftsmanship, genius designs and the ability to infuse life into immortal creations. This is the ideal luxury brand for folks who put a premium on cultivating a distinctive personal style. Synonymous with glamor, renowned for its ability to transform everyday lifestyle products into objects of desire, the Italian label is more renowned for its ready-to-wear apparel and leather accessories. However, the last few years have witnessed a transformation where Versace accessories, including eyewear, have been engaging a lot of attention.

The House of Versace has a global reputation—being bold, mated with Italian tradition of fine detailing. The results are adorable. This journey started with Italian designer Gianni Versace establishing his fashion label in 1978. Today, the legacy carries on in the form of his sister, Donatella. The ideology of the brand is simple—make men and women feel empowered by infusing a sense of glamor in everyday day dressing.

Sometimes ostentatious, often an infusion of cultural inspirations and sporadically outrageous, Versace has an undefined design platter. The one thing you can expect is that the brand attracts discerning, educated buyers who realize the hard work that goes into crafting lifestyle goods that are leagues above the mainstream options. Expect lavishness in Versace’s range of sunglasses too. These are not just eyewear but a way to underline your penchant for exclusivity.

Versace has been steadily growing its mix of fashion accessories, ranging from timepieces to handbags, and eyewear. There is a sense of similarity in most designs—the use of premium materials is immediately palpable. Chances of coming across Versace creations inspired by Greek mythology, with the quintessential Medusa head logo, emphasizes the fact that the brand remains deep-rooted in its heritage, not ready to let go of inspirations that started the brand.

Versace followers often talk about the sense of empowerment they feel when draped in exotic leather shoes or wearing frames made from the finest metals. This expressive personal style is what the brand stands for—this is what makes it iconic. Just like the Versace ready-to-wear line of clothing that is edgy and ultra-chic, sunglasses by Versace explore the entire landscape of eyewear designing. From geometric shapes to the more sensual eyewear and those featuring strong lines and contrasting colors, the luxury brand has something to offer for every face. The designs are as iconic as the brand itself with oversized sunglasses becoming more of a fashion necessity. Versace eyewear can be ostentatious and glitzy, yet sleek in execution. Solid sun lenses fitted on sleek metal bodies are meant to provide protection from harmful UVB/UVA rays.

Versace haute couture is about being fashion conscious, adopting contemporary fashion trends, with an eye on what is emerging. This is why the luxury brand is associated with the elite, folks who embrace high-end fashion...

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